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Novelist, editor, centre manager and teacher, Adam Mathews can generally be found somewhere between Budapest and the UK. As well as writing critical articles and speeches, he manages English language summer schools, edits translations of a world-renowned orchestra and gives public talks on economic and environmental issues. Having spent much of his adult life living outside his native England, Adam has become involved in popular movements across Europe and developed the perspective that inspired his first novel, Pap.

The Aimless Wanderer forms a virtual repository for the author's writings and visuals without being concerned about copyright. Unless otherwise stated, all files on this site exist under a Creative Commons license, which means everything can freely be shared for non-commercial purposes. All I ask is that you source all material by linking to aimlesswanderer.org and crediting Adam R. Mathews.

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Upcoming events

16:30, 31st August 2016 - Corvinus University, Budapest
Presentation of Pap: A 21st century dystopia

Adam R. Mathews will be presenting Pap as part of the Budapest Degrowth week. The novel's nightmare scenario of corporate control and financial growth, at the expense of the populace, is a perfect exemple of why the principles of Degrowth are so important.


16:30, 1st September 2016 - Auróra, Budapest
Creative Writing Workshop: The Dangers of Technology

Using sections of Pap, this creative writing workshop considers past and future technological progress to inspire participants to think about the real risks of technology. Those ideas will then be used, alongside various writing techniques, to create short works of fiction that are cutting and critical of today's world. In doing so, this workshop will help provide alternative narratives to the mainstream, growth-based agenda.


Recent events
23 April 2016 - Dile English School, Salamanca

Presentation of Pap: A 21st century dystopia, given on the international Day of Books - a holiday in the autonomous community of Castile and León.

The bohemian Barrio del Oeste neighbourhood of Salamanca was a perfect setting for the presentation. Thanks to my friends at Dile English School, beside the fountain in the Plaza del Oeste, my first ever reading of the novel was a resounding success.

Video in English/Spanish with English subtitles

in writing

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in class

It is here you can find a collection of my articles, including the series 'How not to run an economy'. You can also access some of my more in-depth research such as my acclaimed study of Projections for Global Steel Production to 2050 and my equally praised masters' thesis on The impact of excessive speculation on commodity market prices.

In here I keep a selection of photographs from some of my travels and homes. You can also see me in action at TEDxWageningen, where my talk on Reclaiming our economic system from the grassroots opened the day.

As a teacher of English as a Foreign Language, I am constantly developing my own lessons or courses. This is where you can find a selection of my work.

They hang the man and flog the woman
That steals the goose from off the common
But let the greater villain loose
That steals the common from the goose

created and nurtured by adam r. mathews