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PapCorp is a Brexiter's wet dream. Extreme deregulation has helped make it the most powerful multinational conglomeration in history, taking the men of its ruling O'Dillon dynasty from 1950s' spivs to Prime Minister in just a hundred years. PapRise tells their story, and the devastation they leave in their wake. In 136,000 words, PapRise straddles historic and futuristic fiction as it knits together five tales intertwined with PapCorp and each other.

Western Hungary, November 1956, the Red Army have supressed the revolution and are driving Zoltán Papp from his homeland. As he and thousands like him dash for the Austrian border, they are harried by Soviet troops and the even-more-feared ÁVO secret police. Those possessions he hasn't left behind, he loses in an icy canal which would later be called an Iron Curtain. But in his head, he carries an old family recipe for a drink which is about to revolutionise the world.

Miles above Manchester's famous Biodomes, a hundred and one years later, Prime Minister Lord Michael O'Dillon is opening PapCorp's new headquarters in the world's tallest ever office block, the Zoltán Papp Tower. Yet while the O'Dillons' company may now have passed on to his son, there is no doubt that Lord Michael pulls the strings of his PapState and beyond.

Having usurped Papp's great invention, the O'Dillon family rise from Manchester Teddy Boy to Prime Minister in a single generation. But it's not just the Hungarian who has an axe to grind with PapCorp, a political movement is on the horizon which is organised and committed to bringing down the PapState.


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Set in the immediate aftermath of PapRise, Pap tells how two very distant groups of people come to coincide at a PapAid camp in the North York Moors. This meeting leads them all to question their understanding of the world around them, to take action against it or simply to ignore the consequences.


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Etched large into the glowing wall was a slogan that didn't need Augmented Vision to read.
'PapAid and you:' it said, 'Working together for freedom'.

- from Pap: A 21st Century Dystopia by Adam R. Mathews