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Pap is a series of novels and short stories about PapCorp, the greatest company ever seen. By telling the intertwining tales of various characters, it reveals how PapCorp dominates their lives and the decisions they make. The first novel in the series, Pap: A 21st Century Dystopia, is available now, published by Arena Books Ltd., UK. The prequel, a historic and near-futuristic fiction foundation novel spanning a hundred years and five interwoven stories, will be released soon. For more details, click on either of the pages below or contact the author at pap[at]aimlesswanderer.org.


Etched large into the glowing wall was a slogan that didn't need Augmented Vision to read.
'PapAid and you:' it said, 'Working together for freedom'.

- from Pap: A 21st Century Dystopia by Adam R. Mathews