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A View from Europe: Policing and the rule of law
What can the Hungarian government's attitude to policing their authoritarian state teach their counterparts in Madrid?

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A View from Europe: Catalonia and Scotland
With an independence referendum causing major headaches in Spain, Adam R. Mathews explores whether Scotland's experience may help shed light on a solution.

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Private Ambulances reveal true NHS plans
The promises of the Health Secretary are as empty as any from his government, while the pernicious truth of NHS privatisation is staring us in the face.

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A View from Europe: The Hungarian Referendum
In a country that has been my home for five years, the people are preparing for a referendum on the EU. But the verdict is in little doubt.

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Pap: A 21st Century Dystopia - Book presentation given at Dile English School, Salamanca, Spain
In Spanish/English with English subtitles

TEDxWageningen Talk: Growing Sustainable Economies
from the Bottom up


"My father rode a camel.
I drive a car.
My son flies a jet-plane.
His son will ride a camel."
- Saudi saying

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