Brits in EU

The UK's Office for National Statistics estimates around 800,000 British citizens of working age live in another EU member state, yet the voices of those Brits who live and work in Europe have been conspicuously absent from the on-going Brexit debates. Until now that is.

A Video Library of Opinions

Brits in the EU is a collection of stories from ordinary, hard-working British people who live their lives predominantly in an EU member state outside the UK, and therefore stand to be greatly affected by the Brexit settlement. As interviewees answer the same few open-ended questions, they give you a glimpse into how Britain's EU membership has shaped their lives and what they feel the consequences of Brexit will be.

Sue in Salamanca

Long-time resident of Spain Sue Bernamont tells us how she fears Brexit might affect her and the language business she's spent years building.

Chris in Budapest

When Chris Bartlett left England over a decade ago, his life changed for ever. Here he tells us how Britain's membership of the EU has shaped his personal and professional life, and how he sees the future.

Adam in Madrid

Writer, teacher and summer school manager Adam Mathews describes how the EU has enabled him to live his life as he does, and his thoughts on the future.

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Do you feel your voice is going unheard in the Brexit debates, even though they will affect you more than anyone? Do you agree that your opinions need to be taken into account? Can you spare a few minutes to record yourself answering these simple questions?

If the answer is yes, then I'd love to hear from you. I plan to gather a library of 5-minute video clips featuring a selection of the British people who currently live and work in another EU member state. The more voices we can gather, the more gravity they will carry for us all as we seek to minimise any negative consequences of the post-Brexit settlement on our lives. Please click on the link below for some tips on recording your video.

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