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Palm Oil is a symptom, not a cause célèbre
A cartoon orangutan has sent social media into overdrive, but palm oil is a much bigger problem than a 90-second advert can show

A View from Europe: The Theft of National Symbols
A broad historical comparison of a Hungarian national icon and the British Legion's poppy

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A View from Europe: Policing and the rule of law
What can Hungary's authoritarian Fidesz government's attitude to policing teach their counterparts in Madrid?

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A View from Europe: Catalonia and Scotland
With an independence referendum causing major headaches in Spain, can Scotland's experience help shed light on a solution?

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Private Ambulances reveal true NHS plans
The promises of the Health Secretary are as empty as any from his government, while the pernicious truth of NHS privatisation is staring us in the face.

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A View from Europe: The Left's Resurrection
With Trump and Brexit, the Radical Left is enjoying a revival, if only they could stop arguing among themselves.

A View from Europe: The Death of the Traditional Left
The British Labour Party appears on the verge of electoral annihilation, but a look at Europe shows the same can been seen across the continent.

A View from Europe: The Hungarian Referendum
In a country that has been my home for five years, the people are preparing for a referendum on the EU. But here, the verdict is in little doubt.

Download and listen to the Podcast here (MP3) [9:45 mins]

BREXIT: A letter from an English European
You may not be too bothered about the EU vote. For me it's personal

BREXIT: Who is the Unregulated Monster?
Britain is not a beacon of democracy, nor a rock of economic pragmatism, and a break from Europe will sure up neither

BREXIT: Why a vote to leave would be madness
An Out vote on 23 June could have a disastrous effect on Britain and the wider world

Man knocked off bicycle
Does the reporting of cycle accidents signal a new attitude towards the two-wheeled transport?

How not to run an Economy Part 5: A test-pit for rise and decline
The Black Country led the world into industrial prowess and then economic decline - what can it tell us about today's world?

How not to run an Economy Part 4: Utilities and Resources
Rising dependence on gas and ballooning prices are not a path towards a sustainable energy policy

How not to run an Economy Part 3: Growth and Debt
To cover our huge debts we have to grow our economies, but for how long will that be physically possible?

How not to run an Economy Part 2: Government as a Corporation
When financial markets become a measure of the well-being of an economy, what are the consequences in the real world?

How not to run an Economy Part 1: Ownership
How does the ownership of our most powerful companies affect our communities and our economy as a whole?

Just what is David Cameron playing at?
Why has the British Prime Minister excluded Britain from vital negotiations on the future of the EU?

We need a Critical Mass to combat these hooligans
There were so many reasons for the English riots, but only by the general population taking direct action against them can we reclaim the streets

In Depth

The Value of Uselessness to Refugees [pdf]: Drawing on real instances of modern slavery, abuse and warfare, this article argues that by forcing utility upon new arrivals, we are in fact exploiting their vulnerability.

The Impact of Excessive Speculation on Commodity Market Prices [pdf]: Historical analysis of commodities markets, and Econometric analysis showing financial bubbles and convergent behaviour in LME Copper prices and the FTSE100.

Secondary Steel Supply to 2050 [pdf]: A projection of steel demand up to 2050, and implications for security of supply from both iron ore and scrap steel

Chinese Steel Recycling [pdf]: It's in your hands: A speech and presentation given to the 10th China International Recycling Conference, Tianjin, China between 25 - 27 October 2015.

Increasing cycling in London [pdf]: A study of current and future policies in the city, with augmented policy recommendations.

Energy Strategy 2050: The Netherlands [pdf]: A policy plan for building a zero-carbon Dutch energy system

Cast Iron Certainties [pdf]: Steel supply on a finite planet. Speech given to the 4th Eurasia MENA Steel Summit, Istanbul, January 2014

Carbon Capture and Storage [pdf]: A genuine solution or an impossible placebo?

Arctic Sea Ice [pdf] - Projections to 2050 and the consequences. A paper jointly written with Ana Poças Ribiero

Millions flee as their land dies beneath them. Drought, pollution, storms, and sometimes the end of PapSec's long arm, all drive people from their homes. People like Aliyá Talavera, her parents and the rest of the citizens of Murcia, made homeless after PapPop built the fifth letter of their logo around the city to create the world's largest advertisement, and sent in PapSec to clear the 'Anarcho-terrorist' stronghold in its midst.

Meanwhile in Manchester, under the Bio-domes of PapCorp's home city, PapNews' Humbolt Hour has little time for all that. The presenter, Vincent Humbolt, spends most of his programme gossiping about the never-ending sex scandals around the corporation's CEO, and leaves only seconds for a montage of another PapSec victory overseas. Not that Vincent's celebrity wife, Naomi, even cares about that - she needs shoes for the PAPTA awards and doesn't have the credit to buy them.

Building highway lanes to deal with traffic congestion
is like loosening your belt to deal with obesity

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