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As he fled the Red Army in the winter of 1956, Zoltán Papp couldn't have dreamt that his invention would spawn the greatest company ever seen. But even as his name adorned the world's tallest tower, Papp had seen little of PapCorp's riches. And he wasn't the only one.

In the Manchester township of Rusholme, Minnie Brownlow had no interest in the Zoltán Papp Tower as it rose over the Bio-dome roofs. It was all she could do to avoid it, while a thousand miles south the Talavera family hadn't seen the news for years. When finally they returned from exile in the mountains, they found their home cut off by a PapCorp advert for aliens.

Hope came in the form of the Radical Alliance of Socialist and anti-Capitalist Associations on the Left, or RASCAL. But with PapCorp infiltrators everywhere, what hope was there?

PapRise straddles historical and futuristic fiction as it tells five stories bound up in PapCorp, the world's greatest corporation.


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Set in the immediate aftermath of PapRise, Pap tells how two very distant groups of people come to coincide at a PapAid camp in the North York Moors

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Etched large into the glowing wall was a slogan that didn't need Augmented Vision to read.
'PapAid and you:' it said, 'Working together for freedom'.

- from Pap: A 21st Century Dystopia by Adam R. Mathews